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Welcome to the MyLeads2Go™ Lead Exchange Portal!

The MyLeads2Go™ Lead Exchange Portal is a MyLeads2Go™ affinity program that allows companies like yours to exchange your qualified leads with qualified leads available on MyLeads2Go™ ! Once a qualified lead has been submitted below, MyLeads2Go™ will validate the lead through a telephone call to the prospect. Once verified, we will provide a credit towards your next lead purchase – all leads must be verified within 5 business days. All you need to do is let us know the criteria of the leads you would like to receive below!

A qualified lead, by definition, must meet the following five (5) criteria:

  1. Right company (right demographics)
  2. Right person (Champion, Decision Maker, Influencer)
  3. Pain point(s) identified
  4. Timeline for implementation defined
  5. Willingness to engage
  1. Provide us with details of a qualified lead that your organization/company is not able to engage with by filling out the form below.
  2. Click ‘SUBMIT’.
  3. The MyLeads2Go™ team will contact you in 24-48 hours.
  4. MyLeads2Go™ will contact the lead prospect within 5 business days to validate the lead information provided
  5. Once the lead has been verified, you will receive a 25% credit towards a MyLeads2Go™ qualified lead that meets your business service and product offerings.

*In the event MyLeads2Go™ cannot establish contact with the prospective lead through a telephone call to the Lead Exchange Portal within 5 business days of the lead being submitted to the MyLeads2Go™ Lead Exchange partner, the lead will be deemed as ‘not valid’ and MyLeads2Go™ will not be held responsible for providing a voucher/credit on your account.

**In accordance with Canadian CASL regulation, MyLeads2Go™ is not permitted to engage with a lead prospect via e-mail for any leads deemed as ‘not valid’. Lead details for all leads deemed ‘not valid’ will be deleted to ensure that the lead prospect’s contact and lead information comply to all privacy and confidentiality regulations within Canada and the United States.

For every qualified lead submitted and validated by MyLeads2Go™, you will receive a 25% credit on a lead captured on MyLeads2Go™. Once four (4) leads have been submitted and validated, you will be able to use the 100% credits accumulated in order to purchase your next lead purchase at no charge.

Once you are ready to use your credits towards a new lead, please notify your MyLeads2Go™ representative. A lead will be captured for you within 5-10 business days.

On the form below, please let us know what you would consider an ideal lead (Geography, Company size, and Product/Service offering) for your organization’s sales objectives.

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