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The prospect is looking to implement a complete telephony refresh with switches. He is looking for 50-60 IP Phones with trunking capabilities to the switches. He would like information, pricing, and guidance on which device is better suited. He is also looking for three Stacking POE switches to allow for trunking with the new IP phones. He would like to know if he will require one port per phone and one port per computer, or if a single port can be used for both purposes. He believes he will require three devices; however, that depends on what can be used in a single port. The current phone solution is an older Nortel PBX Solution. The organization requires a new telephony solution because they are looking for more robust features. He is also looking for a solution with low wattage requirements, unlike his current solution. He plans to have a new phone solution implemented within the next 12 months; however, an exact deadline will be decided by upper management based on the return on investment. The overall solution should be $25,000 to $37,000, based on his preliminary online investigations. The prospect would like to have a phone meeting with a specialized partner to further discuss solutions.





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