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The organization has 8 main locations with additional distribution facilities. There are 2000 employees across the organization. 120 employees work at the main location, and all 120 have access to the network. The prospect makes decisions regarding IT solutions; however he requires upper management’s approval for budget allocation. The company is looking to refresh and expand on the current network infrastructure. They have approximately 20 Cisco 2950’s; of which approximately 2 are 48 ports, 10 are 24 ports, and a few are 12 ports. They currently do not have PoE connectivity, and they use 100MB connections to the desk. For the new switches, he is looking to expand the number of ports on certain switches and also add PoE capability. He indicated that they use CAT5 cables within the office with fibre running between the buildings, and he is not certain if that would support 1 Gigabit connections. Although Gigabit connections are not a requirement, He would like to explore both 100 and 1 Gigabit options. They are looking to add 18 additional WAP’s for indoor use. They have a Cisco 4550 controller which is connected to 3550 switches for redundancy purposes that would need to be replaced as well. Also looking to add fibre runs to their trailer locations. The current equipment is approximately 6 years old. They would like to refresh the equipment, expand their wireless infrastructure, and add PoE capability. He wants to obtain pricing and options to help build a stronger case for budget approval. Implementation would take place by Q2 of 2017. He did not have a budget range in mind for this specific project; however, he advised that they have spent $120,000 on a network set up in the past, prior to him joining the organization. He did not specify what kind of equipment that budget was allocated towards. He would like to have a phone meeting to further discuss solutions.





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