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Opportunity for Telecommunications – Phone Systems

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Prospect is part of the decision making team for IT solutions within the organization as a recommender. They have 1 location with 24 employees. The company is looking for a hosted phone system provider. They are dissatisfied with their current service provider due to the lack of customer service and response time when an issue occurs. They are not under any contractual obligation as the current contract has expired. Their phone system includes 20 VoIP handsets owned by the company. Implementation for the new service provider will take place within the next 12 months. Prospect requested a phone meeting.





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1 Results * Type 2 Lead
1b Lead Generated Date Nov 17 2015 12:00AM
2a. E - Mail Address adi@bethsholom.net
3 Special Notes Opportunity for Hosted-VoIP
3c Appointment Date Dec 10 2015 12:00AM
3d Appointment Time 10:00 AM
3e Salutation Mr.
4 Call Pass 1 Date Monday, November 02, 2015
4 Call Pass 2 Date Tuesday, November 17, 2015
E-mail Address adi@bethsholom.net
Lead expiry (YYYY-MM-DD) Dec 11 2015 12:00AM
Q1. Project Focus Telecommunications - Phone Systems
Q10. Appointment Type? Over the Phone
Q11. Phone Permission Yes
Q13. What phone (communication) system are you currently using? Other
Q14. How many phones or handsets do you have? a. 0-50
Q14a. How old is your system? a. 0-5
Q15. Is it a PBX or VoIP? VoIP
Q19. How many are you looking to add in the next 12 months? hosted-voip solution
Q2. Project Planned in 12 months? Yes
Q26a. Which Partner? no
Q3. Project Timeline 5 - 12 mths
Q4. How many locations? 1
Q5. Number of employees? 12
Q6. Number of Network Users? 12
Q7. Business Challenges? Cost of updating
Q8. Approximate budget? Did not respond
Q9. Decision Making Role? Recommend
Q9b. Job Title Class? Network Management
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R Auction Reserved Price $250
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R Buy Now Price $400
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v Estimated Value 5000
v Industry Religious Organizations
v Internal Date Nov 2 2015 12:00AM
v List Source AleaSourced
v Product Hosted VoIP
v QA Ext 204
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v QC Approved Date Nov 17 2015 12:00AM
v Time Zone East
x Total Employees 24
XXX Sent to Client Nov 18 2015 12:00AM
YY Employee Range 1-19
YY Lead Type Type 2 Lead
YY Number Employee 12
Date & Time Phone Note
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 10:30:00 AM Synopsis of Company:
Adi Kalev is the IT Manager for BETH SHOLOM SYNAGOGUE. They have 1 location which is located within the GTA, they have approximately 24 employees, 12 are office staff and 12 are outside workers. Adi advised when it comes to the organization’s IT infrastructure she is the recommender.

Project Description:
The Company is looking for a hosted phone system provider. They are dissatisfied with the current service provider due lack of customer service and response time when an issue occurs. Currently they are under no contract as their current one has expired. They are in the planning and designing stage. They also own the 20 VoIP handsets they have phone system they have in place and will not need any additional handsets. She mentioned they will also require a switchboard for the phone system.

Implementation Time-frame & Budget:
Implementation will begin in 12 months, and they did not specify the current amount they are paying for the hosted VoIP solution.

Next Steps:
Please have a specialized vendor reach out to Adi Kalev for a phone conversation on December 10, 2015 at 10:00 AM (EST) ext 233. She can be reached at (416) 783-6103. Prior to the appointment, please send an introductory email and calendar invite to adi@bethsholom.net .
Please do not call the prospect prior to the scheduled appointment date & time.