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Prospect is a recommender on this initiative with the Director of Finance making the final decision. The company has 4 locations with 40 employees and 25 network users. The prospect is looking to install a document management server solution. The company currently has 1 tower server from Dell and 2 custom built servers in their infrastructure. They are looking at implementing either a rackmount or blade server for document management purposes. The prospect is open to evaluating options for a hosted server solution as well. For an offsite server solution, they would require approximately 1-2TB of space with options for scalability. The prospect said that they would be open to evaluating options to move their Dell server, backup and disaster recovery offsite as well in the next 6 months. The prospect would require roughly 2TB of space for backup and disaster recovery; however, the main IT priority is the document management solution. The company is looking to implement a document management solution as there is currently no solution in place. They are concerned with the company’s current bandwidth for an offsite solution. Presently, their bandwidth is 12 downloads and 2 upload speed. However, they are open to hosted backup and disaster recovery as their current backup solution is labor intensive. They have not reached out to any partners for the document management or hosted backup and disaster recovery solution. Implementation for the document management solution would take place by March2017. They are unsure what the budget would be for this initiative but pricing and options will help them move forward with this intiaitive.Prospect requested a phone meeting.





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