Type 1 Lead for Servers in Etobicoke with an Estimated Value of $20000

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Opportunity for Data Center – Servers

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Prospect is the decision maker for their IT department. They have 3 locations; their Canadian location has approximately 35 employees and all are network users. The prospect is looking to upgrade their Dell rackmount servers as they are reaching the refresh cycle stage and would like to speak with a suitable vendor that deals with Dell servers. The servers are being used for applications as well as database storage. Implementation would take place around first quarter of 2016. Prospect requested a phone meeting.





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2015-12-02 16:59:50$250.00Stuart Demeter
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Paul Radulescu Director Of Consulting ServicesPhone:416-798-2511    Fax: Real Time Systems Inc 11 Dansk CrtEtobicoke, ON M9W 5N6 CANADA
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1 Results * Type 1 Lead
1b Lead Generated Date Nov 17 2015 12:00AM
2a. E - Mail Address paul@rtsautomation.com
3 Special Notes Opportunity for 2 rackmount servers
3c Appointment Date Dec 3 2015 12:00AM
3d Appointment Time 10:00AM
3e Salutation Mr.
4 Call Pass 1 Date Thursday, October 08, 2015
4 Call Pass 2 Date Friday, November 13, 2015
4 Call Pass 3 Date Monday, November 16, 2015
4 Call Pass 4 Date Wednesday, November 18, 2015
4 Call Pass 5 Date Tuesday, November 17, 2015
E-mail Address paul@rtsautomation.com
Lead expiry (YYYY-MM-DD) Dec 4 2015 12:00AM
Q1. Project Focus Data Center - Servers
Q10. Appointment Type? Over the Phone
Q11. Phone Permission Yes
Q16. How many servers do you currently have? 8
Q17. Who is your primary server vendor? Dell
Q18. What is your refresh cycle for these servers? Every 4 years
Q19. How many are you looking to add in the next 12 months? 2
Q2. Project Planned in 12 months? Yes
Q3. Project Timeline 5 - 12 mths
Q4. How many locations? 3
Q5. Number of employees? 35
Q6. Number of Network Users? 35
Q7. Business Challenges? Supporting advanced tech
Q7. Business Challenges? Cost of updating
Q8. Approximate budget? $10,000-$49,999
Q9. Decision Making Role? Decision Maker
Q9b. Job Title Class? Consultant/Contractor
Q9b. Job Title Class? Executive Management
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Date & Time Phone Note
Tuesday, November 17, 2015 10:24:00 AM Synopsis of Company:
Paul Radulescu is the Director of Consulting Services at Real Time Systems Inc. He is the decision maker for the IT department. They have three locations; one in Canada, one in Brazil, and one in the US. They employ roughly 35 people at the Canadian location, and all 35 are network users.

Project Description:
Paul would like to speak to a suitable vendor that deals with Dell servers to reach out to him regarding two rackmount servers that will be used for applications as well as database storage. They are currently running Dell servers, and are looking to upgrade the servers as they have reached the refresh cycle stage. Pain Statement/Business Driver:
They are looking to change their servers and upgrade them as two of the servers have reached the stage for them to be refreshed. He mentioned that they follow a refresh cycle of 4 years, and these two servers are at the 4 year mark. They would like to speak to a suitable vendor that deals with Dell servers to reach out to them regarding two rackmount servers that will be used for applications as well as database storage.

Partners and Brands:
Paul did mention he has reached out to Dell Canada directly in the past for all of their servers. He deals with Dell primarily for their server needs, but he stated that he likes to look at other options and vendors and compare the prices. He did mention it is always good to compare prices.

Implementation time-frame & Budget:
Implementation of this project would be in Q1 2016, as budget is something that has yet to have been discussed. He mentioned that he has not spoken to anyone regarding budget for the project, but he mentioned that in the past they allocated $10,000 per server without support.

Next Steps:
Paul mentioned that he would like a suitable vendor that does deal with Dell products in the Etobicoke area to reach out to him regarding the two (2) rack-mount servers on the December 3rd at 10:00AM. He can be reached at 416-798-2511 ext 276. Prior to the call please send him an email calendar invite to paul@rtsautomation.com .
Please do not call the prospect prior to the scheduled appointment date & time.