Type 2 Lead for Managed Services in North York with an Estimated Value of $20000

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Opportunity for Managed Services – Servers/Storage

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The company has been frustrated with their current managed services provider as their expertise in managing IT service has been lacking. They are looking for a more qualified service provider and would require coverage from 9am-5pm, during their hours of operations. They will also require bi-weekly onsite visits. They require a managed services provider that can support all aspects of IT including email support, phone system, and server support. At this time, their company is on a month-to-month plan with their current provider.




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Amuna Baraka Director of OperationsPhone:416-663-2733    Fax:416-663-2733 JANE/FINCH COMMUNITY AND FAMILY CENTRE 4400 JANE ST SUITE 108NORTH YORK, ON M3N2K4 CANADA
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1 Results * B Lead (5-12 months)
1b Lead Generated Date Oct 14 2015 12:00AM
2a. E - Mail Address amunabc@janefinchcentre.org
3 Special Notes Opportunity for Managed services
3a Call Rep 277
3b Call Rep 277
3c Appointment Date Nov 18 2015 12:00AM
3d Appointment Time 10:00AM
3e Salutation Mr.
4 Call Pass 1 Date Wednesday, October 14, 2015
E-mail Address amunabc@janefinchcentre.org
Lead expiry (YYYY-MM-DD) Nov 19 2015 12:00AM
Q1. Project Focus Managed Services - Servers/Storage
Q11. Phone Permission Yes
Q2. Project Planned in 12 months? Yes
Q3. Project Timeline b. 5 - 12 mths
Q4. How many locations? 6
Q5. Number of employees? 50
Q5. Number of employees? 50-99
Q6. Number of Network Users? 50
Q7. Business Challenges? g. Other - specify in note
Q8. Approximate budget? $10,000-$49,999
Q9. Decision Making Role? Recommend
Q9b. Job Title Class? Operations/Administration
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R Auction Reserved Price $250
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R Buy Now Price $400
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R Product Name B Lead for Managed Services in NORTH YORK with an Estimated Value of $20000
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R Short Description Opportunity for Managed Services - Servers/Storage
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R Test 4
v Area East
v Estimated Value 20000
v Expected Close Date Q4 FY16
v Industry Community Centre
v List Source AleaSourced
v Location EAST
v Market Small (20-100)
v Product Managed Services
v QA Ext 111
v QA Ext 205
v QC Approved Date Oct 14 2015 12:00AM
v Time Zone East
x Total Employees 50
YY Employee Range 50-99
YY Lead Type B Lead
YY Number Employee 50
Date & Time Phone Note
Wednesday, October 14, 2015 2:15:20 PM Synopsis of Company:
Amuna Baraka is the Director of Operations at Jane/ Finch Community and Family Centre and is the recommender in this initiative. There are 50 employees with 50 network users across 6 locations.

Project Description:
Amuna has mentioned that her main concern with the current outsourced IT company is their lack of expertise, and she is looking for a company that is more skilled in that matter. In regards to what Amuna requires from the services, they need coverage from 9-5PM, bi weekly visits, and the services that would need to be covered is everything (email, phone system, and servers). In regards to their current provider, the company is on a month to month plan.

Pain Statement/Business Driver:
The company has been frustrated with their current managed services provider as their expertise in managing their IT service has been lacking, and is looking for a more qualified company. They would require coverage from 9-5 as their hours of operations are as such. They also require bi weekly visits. They are looking for a partner that specializes in managed services and has a high level of expertise in that regards.

Partners & Brands used:
Amuna has not discussed any pricing and options from any vendors, and is open to working with various partners.

Implementation Time-frame & Budget:
The implementation time frame would be 5-12 months with the budget being $20,000 annually.

Next Steps:
Please have a partner that specializes in managed services reach out to Amuna by phone at 416-663-2733 at ext. 225 on November 18 th at 10:00AM EST. Prior to the phone call, please send a calendar invite to amunabc@janefinchcentre.org .
Please do not call the prospect prior to the scheduled appointment date & time.