Type 2 Lead for Managed Services for Servers in Scarborough with an Estimated Value of $15000

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Opportunity for Data Center

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Prospect is part of the decision making team for IT solutions within the organization as a key influencer. This project is for their data center which is currently outsourced. They have four physical rackmount servers which are 100% virtualized. They would require hours of support from 8:30AM – 6:00PM. 95% of the support would mainly be remote access and 5% would be on-site visits in the event of a failure in the data center. Their servers, email, and phone system are all currently on a hosted network. Customer service is a key factor when considering various providers.

Implementation will take place between January-March, 2016. Budget has been determined but prospect does not wish to disclose the amount.





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Aisling Discoveries Child & Family Centre
325 Milner Ave 
M1B 5N1
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  1 Results * B Lead (5-12 months)
  1b Lead Generated Date Oct 27 2015 12:00AM
  2a. E - Mail Address esliva@aislingdiscoveries.ca
  3 Special Notes Opportunity for Managed services
  3a Call Rep 299
  3c Appointment Date Nov 17 2015 12:00AM
  3d Appointment Time 10:00 AM
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  4 Call Pass 1 Date Tuesday, October 27, 2015
  E-mail Address esliva@aislingdiscoveries.ca
  Lead expiry (YYYY-MM-DD) Nov 18 2015 12:00AM
  Q1. Project Focus Data Center
  Q11. Phone Permission Yes
  Q17. Who is your primary server vendor? HP
  Q2. Project Planned in 12 months? Yes
  Q20. What percentage are your servers currently virtualized? 100%
  Q25. Who do you currently leverage for your networking? HP
  Q25. Who do you currently leverage for your networking? Other
  Q26a. Which Partner? HP
  Q3. Project Timeline b. 5 - 12 mths
  Q4. How many locations? 2
  Q5. Number of employees? 240
  Q6. Number of Network Users? 240
  Q7. Business Challenges? g. Other - specify in note
  Q8. Approximate budget? Did not respond
  Q9. Decision Making Role? Recommend
  Q9b. Job Title Class? Network Management
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  R Auction Reserved Price $250
  R Buy Now Yes
  R Buy Now Price $400
  R End Date 2015-11-13 15:00
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  R Product Name B Lead for IAAS in SCARBOROUGH with an Estimated Value of $15000
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  R Product Tags Managed Services
  R Product Type2 Virtual
  R Short Description Opportunity for Data Center
  R SKU E2014211B5
  R Start Date 2015-10-27 09:00
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  v Estimated Value 15000
  v Industry Child and Family Services
  v List Source AleaSourced
  v Product IAAS
  v QA Ext 111
  v QA Ext 205
  v QC Approved Date Oct 27 2015 12:00AM
  v Time Zone East
  YY Employee Range 150-249
  YY Lead Type B Lead
  YY Number Employee 240