Guaranteed Leads

Components of a True Lead – Above & Beyond Mere Inquiries

Regardless of the nature of business, a true, qualified lead for your organization must match the following universal criteria:

  1. Match the right type of company or demographic – A true lead fits the profile of the organizations or individuals that are already your best customers.
  2. It’s the right individual – The lead helps you get in touch with a person who is the decision maker, champion, influencer or recommender.
  3. Experiencing a real pain point – The prospect has indicated a need for your services/products seeing it as a solution to a problem they are currently experiencing or have faced in the immediate past. Lead shows a strong interest in what you have to offer.
  4. Realistic decision timeline – The prospect has a strong likelihood of making a buying decision in the near future and has planned the required investment for it in the upcoming / current organizational budget.
  5. Willingness to engage – The prospect is ready and willing to receive further sales communication. This could be a phone call, email, or in-person visit. If a prospect is not willing to engage in a sales dialogue, it’s really not a lead. Don’t confuse a hand-raiser or inquiry for a lead and don’t spend precious marketing dollars to pay for such “leads” either.

What’s the Guarantee that MyLeads2Go™ Offers?

Quality GuaranteeQuite simply, our guarantee is this: every lead we provide matches the 5 criteria listed above to qualify as a true, quality lead. Unlike many other lead generation companies, we do not provide inquiries or contacts under the guise of “leads”.

Once you join MyLeads2Go™, you are assured of the following:

We guarantee the information provided is a Qualified Lead as defined above.

*Please note that this is not a sale but a qualified lead as defined in clause 1 of the terms of use. We are not responsible for any conversion to sales issues. This is a guaranteed qualified lead but not a guaranteed sale. The notes from the call and the identification as a qualified lead are a direct result of the conversation between Us and the prospect. In the event of a dispute, we will refer to the recording of the call and are not responsible for a prospect changing his/her mind.